High Fiber Content Makes The Best Fruit For Weight Loss Purposes

When it comes to losing weight, the common wisdom is that one should include plenty of fruits and vegetables in the nutritional plan. In fact, many diets say that unlimited amounts of fruits and vegetables can be eaten without breaking the plan.

However, it might surprise you to know that not all fruits are optimal for weight loss! In fact, some fruits can even hurt your weight loss efforts, setting you back days or weeks in your progress, or even causing you to gain weight. It seems like a shame to put all of the work and effort and sacrifice into your weight loss journey that is required only to get minimal results, if any at all, simply because you are not aware of the properties that make the best fruit for weight loss, and the properties that make the worst fruit for weight loss. The Best Fruit For Weight Loss

However, that is no longer a concern once you are educated on the nutritional content that makes the best fruit for weight loss. It is not difficult, in fact it is quite simple – you want to focus on fruits that have a very high fiber content, relative to other fruits, and a low carbohydrate content.

While natural sugars such as the kinds found in fruit are obviously preferable to process sugar, especially white sugar, when it comes to overall health, they can still make you gain weight, or at the very least all your weight loss efforts. Fruits such as plums which have a very low fiber content and a very high amount of natural sugar can be detrimental to your weight loss journey and should be avoided in favor of high fiber, low carbohydrate fruits such as melons, less sweet varieties of apples, berries, and the like.

Although fruit is delicious and it might be disappointing to learn that it cannot be with impunity, the main purpose of losing weight is to get healthy, and of course you would want to do that as quickly as possible. Why would you want to keep sabotaging your weight loss efforts like doing something as easily corrected as including too many high sugar fruits in your diet? After all, there is a reason that fruit is referred to as “nature’s candy” – it is sweet and delicious. And some of that sweet and delicious fruit can still be enjoyed with regularity, you just need to be more conscious in deciding which of those fruits that will be.

By limiting the fruits that you include in your diet to ones that are high in fiber and low in carbohydrates, you give yourself the best chance of incorporating the best fruit for weight loss and having the best results when you step on the scale at the end of the week. After all, the pounds you are shedding and your success on the scale is the ultimate goal of this new nutritional plan, so why not give yourself the best chance possible of success?