Is There Really Such A Thing As Quick Weight Loss Tricks?

Many people want to know all about quick weight loss tricks, and it’s pretty easy to give a truthful explanation. The fact of the matter is, there are none that are actually advisable. Weight management is a matter of developing and maintaining smart, simple habits. It really isn’t hard to do, and there is no trick to it.

New diet tricks are introduced every day, and anxious dieters are told they should eat this superfood, drink that miracle drink and take this magic pill. None of these things are good ideas. Some of them are benign, and some of them can really do you harm.

Instead of using up time and energy looking for quick weight loss tricks, the smart thing to do is turn to reliable sources such as the USDA My Plate and Food Pyramid page and learn about how to create a healthy, balanced diet.

Generally speaking, a diet that will help you attain and maintain your ideal weight consists of about half fresh vegetables and fruits. You can generally pile these as high on your plate as you want. A quarter of your diet should consist of lean protein sources such as tofu, beans, lentils and/or other high protein vegetable sources or lean meats, fish, poultry and dairy products. The final quarter of your diet should be made up of high fiber, whole grain products.

Reducing or eliminating junk food, processed food, sugar, artificial sweeteners and all artificial ingredients, additives, chemicals and food coloring from your diet will also help you lose weight. Even though many of these things don’t contain calories, they do contain chemicals and amino acids that alter the way your body processes food and can cause you to gain and retain weight.

One way to eliminate a lot of these negative ingredients from your diet is to switch entirely to drinking pure, filtered water. Commercial drinks of all kinds from juices, to sodas to energy drinks are just full of chemicals and artificial ingredients. Pure filtered water on its own or flavored with lemon or lime juice, apple cider vinegar or prepared as herbal tea will wash toxins from your body and help your body metabolize fat more quickly.

Occasional fasting (perhaps one day a week) can help you flush toxins from your system and lose some weight. Be sure not to overdo it, and be sure to drink plenty of water and/or freshly prepared juice during your fast. Do not use fasting or food deprivation as a weight loss tool. Be sure to eat a balanced, healthy diet.

Remember to get at least fifteen minutes of light to moderate exercise every day. Going out for a quick walk, jog, swim or bike ride will add enjoyment to your day, improve your metabolism and help you drop weight in a steady, healthy way.

The long and the short of it is, there really are no healthy quick weight loss tricks; however, there don’t need to be. Attaining and maintaining your ideal weight is not impossible or even difficult. It just takes common sense, smart shopping and consistency.