Metformin And Weight Loss For A Longer Life

Metformin, a generic of Glucophage, is used in the treatment of diabetes to help diabetics lose weight. The function of Glucophage is to reduce sugar release levels in the liver, preventing the level of blood glucose from becoming elevated, which results in less insulin being produced by the body. Too much insulin in the bloodstream acts on the brain, causing feelings of hunger, which is satisfied by eating, and the diabetic gains weight. Metformin helps with weight loss by lowering the appetite and preventing blood sugar levels from rising too high.

Metformin and Weight Loss

Metformin is used successfully to lower blood glucose levels and prevent weight gain in Type 2 diabetics, combined with a healthy diet and a reduction in foods that will elevate blood sugar levels, like refined sugars and saturated fats. The recommended dosage is 500mg before meals.

However, Metformin has also been proven to be effective for weight reduction in non-diabetics. In a recent study at Stanford, it was found that Metformin significantly decreased the body mass indices of obese adolescents who were non-diabetic and also noted improved insulin resistance. Since childhood obesity and overweight afflicts more than 1/3 of children in the U.S., Metformin could prove to be an important breakthrough in the continual child obesity battle.

Although it has long been accepted that Metformin’s primary effects are exerted on the liver and non-neurological tissues, an important discovery has revealed that it also has an effect on the central nervous system, in an appetite suppressant way. This adds a powerful component to the potential for combating excess weight and body fat gain.

Metformin and weight loss reduces health risks

By promoting the loss of excessive weight, Metformin produces risk reduction that is documented in the areas of life threatening diseases. Weight loss has crucial and direct actions on molecular pathways that have been found to lead to cancer, which in themselves are related to Metformin’s effects on calorie restriction mimicking mechanisms. It can be seen, therefore, that Metformin’s promotion of actual weight loss which triggers beneficial calorie restriction effects, can reduce the risk of cancer and fight obesity.

Metformin and weight loss affect on aging

Metformin has exceptional, broad spectrum properties with anti-aging mechanisms, which has longevity enthusiasts buzzing. The same mechanisms that cause weight loss are beneficial in anti-aging as, we are aware that poor glycemic control can lead to chronic diseases experience by the aged. The reduction of blood sugar levels when using Metformin therefore has many benefits related to overall general health, as well as reducing health risks of serious disease in diabetics and non-diabetics.

Is Metformin safe?

Metformin has been off patent for many years and is prescribed with confidence by doctors in the treatment of individuals with diabetes who have weight gain risks. Several recent studies have proven its effectiveness in non-diabetic individuals with weight problems, as well as in those with obesity problems. The most recent and exciting discoveries are its effectiveness, through the control of blood sugar levels and weight loss, in preventing cancer, as well as an anti-age remedy. Metformin and weight loss is a low cost, safe generic that everyone can use with confidence.