The Validity Of Metformin Weight Loss

There is mounting evidence that people who are aging can lose weight by taking the drug metformin. Not only can it battle degenerative diseases, such as diabetes, it can also help with weight loss. It has long been known that Metformin weight loss is a reality, but the process in which it works is still somewhat unknown. It also has had good results in fighting breast cancer, as well as cancers in other parts of the body such as the prostate, colon, and uterus. There also seems to be a direct connection between the reduction of calories due to the taking of metformin and the reduction of cancer cells in the body.

Life Extension, the organization that touts Metformin as an anti-aging substance, has said for quite a while now that the drug has many life giving properties that bear consideration as a major breakthrough. Its cost is very low, so that nearly anyone can afford it, since it has come off of patent.

It is currently sold as a prescription, it does have a long history in folk medicine for hundreds of years, as a botanical compound, made originally from the French Lilac. Largely unnoticed in the 20th century, it has re-emerged with the onset of global obesity and type 2 diabetes. The drug was approved by the FDA in 1994 for type 2 diabetes, and is the most widely used drug for that purpose.

As more and more people began to take the drug, it was discovered remarkable results, not only in the cases of the diabetic people, but also a reduction of illness and deaths in cancer patients became very noticeable. It was theorized by the scientific community that if methods were discovered that reduced chronic blood sugar levels that were associated with weight gain were to be discovered, this could be a powerful way to interrupt some of the methods that cancer cells used to get a foothold as well. As it turned out, this is precisely what Metformin does.

In essence, Metformin is a powerful calorie-restricting drug. It actually “fools” the body into thinking that it is in a calorie-restricted state, thereby restricting weight gain and its harmful effects on the body. The biggest positive is that the results of tests on patients with breast cancer and reproductive cancers have shown a remarkable reduction of tumors in these patients. That is wonderful news of course, but these patients have been able to lose a significant amount of weight as well, and metformin weight loss is a reality.

Doctors around the world now know that the drug is a powerful preventative against cancer and they are prescribing it as such. It has been well known for a century that there is a definite link between diabetes and cancer, and now a drug is available to prevent both. The studies show a definite correlation between taking the drug and a reduction of cancers all throughout the reproductive systems of men and women, as will as curbing the diabetes, not to mention the metformin weight loss that occurs, as part of the bargain.